Spicy Caribbee Gift Guide for the Holidays

Bakers Delight

There is nothing better than baking with our
Puerto Rican Vanilla. This sweet treat leaves everyone wanting more, and it’s the perfect way to bring the Caribbean's sweetness into your holiday season! 🍪🎄

“Best Vanilla! I found this vanilla on a Vacation trip and went into Spicy Caribbee. It is the best Vanilla I have ever tasted and have been ordering it for several years now. My kids love it too so I order some for them also. The owners are wonderful.” - Mary Kay Morse

Tea Enthusiast

Our selection of teas have a fresh, lasting aroma. Herbals, flavored, green and matcha. Try our Christmas Tea and our Hangover Cure!
Check out our tea section to find a tea lover's dream! From unique steepers to fresh flavors we have something that you are sure to love!

Coffee Aficionado

Energy and the holidays go hand in hand! Give your coffee lovers some of the best coffee in the island. Sweet yet strong, our
Spicy Caribbee Coffee is 100% Puerto Rican Coffee sure to make your coffee aficionado very happy! ☕️

Hot Sauce Connoisseur

Have a hot sauce lover on your hands? Don’t worry we got you covered! Spicy caribbee hot sauces are made with scotch bonnet peppers, they range from mildly hot to fiery hot. Blended with Caribbean flavors you can find something for every palette. 
  • Our staff favorites are…
    • Piqué, a spicy and traditional hot sauce.
    • Fuego, our spiciest sauce that has hints of tamarind, lime, and garlic!
    • Green Heat, peppery and flavorful sauce great to pair with tacos or fish!
    • Guava Picante, easy to pair a delicious mix of spicy and sweet. Great for BBQs and brunch, a very versatile and delicious sauce.

Jam Gourmand

Looking for a sweet treat this holiday season? Try our tropical jams! Some of our favorites are
Guava, Ginger, and Banana. These are great for baking, adding to toast or even to make a glaze!

Seasoning Venturer

Seasonings are a kitchen staple and we have something for everyone! Looking for low salt options? Try our
Lime Orange Pepper, Pepper & Herbs, or Garlic & Herbs. Want something more traditional? Our Herbed Sea Salt is our version of adobo and we add a pinch of ginger to give it a delicious kick. Steak Seasoning is a basic for your meat lovers, and our Jerk Seasoning will give anything you cook a great Caribbean kick.

Aroma Devotee

During these cold winter months what's better than bringing a bit of the Caribbean home? Try our
St. John's fragrances, these tropical and fresh scents will have you feeling like you’re on a Caribbean retreat in no time!

Children’s Corner

If you’re looking for gifts for kids, what's better than a traditional Puerto Rican toy? From
dolls to trompos we have options for everyone on your list!