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Doña Nery's Turkey

Doña Nery's Turkey Preparing Thawed Turkey for Thanksgiving: Start the turkey preparation process 48 hours before Thanksgiving. Prep the Turkey: Carefully separate the skin around the breast and thigh areas. Thoroughly dry these sections to ensure optimal seasoning adherence. Stand the turkey upright, allowing any excess water to drain out. Seasoning Mix: In a large bowl, combine the following ingredients: 3 tsp. Spicy Caribbee Sunsational Garlic 2 tsp. sage 2 tsp. thyme Spicy Caribbee Herbed Sea Salt to taste 1 tsp. oregano 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (adjust if necessary) 1 tsp. vinegar Season the turkey generously with Herbed Sea Salt both inside and out using the prepared mixture. Chill the Seasoned Turkey: Place a paper towel in a...

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