Three Jam Crate

Three Jam Crate

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The three jam crate is neatly customized for all tastebuds, from tropical fruit lovers to spicy connoisseurs. Our crates come with a vast variety of all our jams and make for the perfect gift.

Select three of our jams by writing down your selection in the "Special Instructions for seller" of your cart:

  • Mango Jam
  • Mango Pineapple Jam
  • Guava Jam
  • Banana Jam
  • Ginger Jam
  • Hot Pepper Jam 

Customer Reviews

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Josephine Smith
Excellent Products

I've been ordering these products for a long time and they're amazing!! I love everything!! Unfortunately on this last order one of my jam jars arrived broken, no fault of the company because they always package everything with lots of bubble wrap!! It looks like it was the mail that mistreated the package because the box looked all smashed?


Unfortunately the Mango Pineapple jam came sealed but molded on the inside. The other two I ordered, Banana and Guava are amazing. Don’t sleep on the Banana jam.


I bought the 3 jam crate and they ran out of one of the jams and substituted it for another one but they still gave me a bunch of little sizes of the original jam flavor I wanted. I really appreciated it, it was really nice. They were packaged so safely too