Steak Seasoning
Steak Seasoning

Steak Seasoning

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The longleaf Puerto Rican cilantro adds a truly unique flavor to our steak seasoning. Use on T-Bone, flank , round steak, prime rib, strip steak and all other steak cuts. A "real" taste of the tropics for your BBQ ! Salt, garlic, spices, red pepper, coriander seeds, cilantro.

TO USE: Sprinkle on meat, 1 teaspoon per pound, marinate, let stand at least 30 minutes (the longer the better!) and cook as desired.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Black
Absolutely LOVE the Steak Seasoning!!

We have used this on EVERYTHING since we returned home from Puerto Rico , so much so that our first bottle was gone within FOUR DAYS! I placed an order ASAP for a few refills and added a few extra things and at first was a little disappointed it was taking a while so I emailed in but they were quick to let me know they were just waiting for my vanilla! So polite! I was also VERY excited to receive a free sample of poppy seeds!! How sweet!! Now I can bake some lemon poppyseed muffins with my new vanilla 😍

I will absolutely be ordering from this site again and again! Hopefully someday in the future we can visit again too!

Paul Bodnar
Best Steak Seasoning EVER

My family and I can no longer eat steak without our Spicy Carribee! Unquestionably it's the most tasty, most unusual, most complex flavor profile seasoning. And very reasonably priced. This is GREAT!

Chris M.

Adds great flavor. Highly recommend.

Sandra Hopkins
Tastes like Puerto Rico

Makes a nice souvenir for yourself or others

B. Camacho
Best spice ever.

This is a wonder spice mix which is indispensable in my kitchen. No steak goes on the grill or pan without it. It has so much flavor in not too much of a shake. Love it.