Lime Orange Pepper Flaky Citrusy Salmon

Ingredients List

Optional Ingredients (for serving):

  • Fresh herbs (such as dill or parsley, for garnish)
  • Lemon wedges (as an alternative or addition to lime)
  • Capers

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Season the salmon fillet with Spicy Caribbee’s Herbed Sea and Salt and Lime Orange Pepper.
  2. Preheat a cast iron skillet on the grill until it's hot, then drizzle a thin layer of olive oil on the skillet.
  3. Carefully place the seasoned salmon fillet on the skillet and sear, cooking for a total of 8-9 minutes.
  4. Squeeze a little bit of fresh lime juice over the salmon before serving.
  5. Serve and enjoy with your favorite sides and in the company of loved ones!