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Caribbee Theme Books, Cards, Maps, and CD's

Puerto Rico Sabor Criollo by Wilo Benet
Puerto Rico True Flavors by Wilo Benet. Reknown Puerto rican chef owner of Pikayo and Varitas restaurants in San Juan. Paperback edition, 250 pages.
Sofrito, The Essence of Puerto Rican Cuisine by Blanche Gelabert
New cook book from Blanche and William Gelabert. Lavishly ilustrated. Learn about the three culinary influences that met and melded over 500 years to create Puerto Rican cuisine.
Tea Strainer
There is a Coquí in my Shoe (Hardcover)
A delightful story celbrating Puerto Rico's national treasure, the coquí tree frog.By Marisa Paolicelli.

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