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Mark & I opened Spicy Caribbee twenty eight years ago, June 1988.

For years we traveled frequently to different islands in the Caribbean. We found the uniqueness and fusion of Indian, French, Dutch, Spanish, English and Latin flavors in the cuisine to be amazing. How every island uses the same foods but each one has their own special zest. They use the same spices but each one combines them differently.

Living in Puerto Rico, we decided to open our shop in the historic Old San Juan area. Our goal is to offer the best blends from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to our customers. We specialize in Caribbean condiments, spices, hot and spicy sauces, tropical jams, Puertorican coffees, and local handicrafts.

Mark, Brody, Jacob, and I invite you to experience the best quality and selection in flavors from the Caribbean.

If you are in the Old San Juan City, don't miss the opourtunity to try our tropical sauces and jams at our daily tastings at 154 Cristo Street.

Buen Provecho,
Nereida Williams

Spicy Caribbee has customers world wide. We have shipped products to Spain, Austria, England, Canada, and pretty much to every state in the U.S. Spicy continues to maintain maximum security for online ordering. We believe in respecting our customers privacy. Your emails will not be shared in anyway for other purposes other than our newsletter.

Spicy Caribbee was recommended by Gourmet Magazine. They said: "Un memento : Follow your nose to Spicy Caribbee for herbs, spices, and fragrant soaps and oils."

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